Birthday boy


Culinary creations

Tonight I made quinoa patties, and I was pretty pleased with how they turned out!  It was a new (to me) recipe and the first time I’ve taken the lead on cooking dinner in quite awhile. We topped some of them with homemade guacamole, which was pretty yummy.  I’m excited to have another easy, healthy and quick dinner option.


We both love books!  We have bookshelves full in almost every room.  It makes me happy just to look at them, and we’re already starting to read Eliza’s books to her.  So of course, I need to have Christmas books too!  Christmas came just a month after we got married, and that first year we started a tradition of buying a Christmas book together every year.  We have a slowly growing collection to add to those I already had from my childhood and from teaching.

I read about an Advent activity where you wrap up 25 Christmas books.  The child(ren) chooses one to open and read each day, and you can obviously use them year after year.  We might not have 25 to start with, but I’d like to do this with Eliza stating in a few years.  For now I’ll enjoy the classic stories myself!


Twinkling lights


Ornamental memories

In my family growing up, in addition to the general assortment of colored balls and stars, we each had a box of our ornaments that we could put on the tree, and many of them represent important people, places and events in our lives.  One reason I love decorating the Christmas tree is that it’s like visiting old friends as I unwrap each ornament. Some of them don’t hang on the tree anymore, like the sheep I made at an Advent workshop, but most of them do.  There are some with my name inscribed on them.  I have a porcelain penguin and a mouse bell given to me by the old lady who lived across the street from us when I was in kindergarten. Santa almost always brought us an ornament of some kind.  One year we got angels that had a ribbon the color of the school we attended.  Another year the angels each played different instruments.  I have ornaments that are violas and crew boats while my siblings have soccer players and surfers.  I have a pair of Bosnian socks that Joe sent me and several that are hand painted from friends over the years. My NYC ornaments remind me of visiting Christmas markets there every year, and the homemade oyster shell angel reminds me of craft projects with my mom.  J and I have collected them from places we’ve visited, so we reminisced about choosing the kiwi ornament in New Zealand on our honeymoon and a Christmas witch in Rome a few years ago.  This year we are adding a few that we’ve been given in honor of Eliza’s birth, and I look forward to adding many more with her in years to come!



Today Baby E sat on Santa’s lap for the first time and helped pick out her first Christmas tree!



I actually didn’t get that many smiles today because E was mad that I went to work.  Or at least that’s my interpretation.  However, in general she’s a very smiley babe which is a lot of fun!  She’s just getting into playing with the various toys on the exersaucer.  And on a day when I forgot to take pictures, I know I can always get one of my babe!



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